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More than 15 years experience,

Glassmac Engineering Sdn Bhd provides complete solutions in sourcing, installation and servicing various machineries in glass and aluminium processing. We have a combined industrial experience of more than 50 years in the glass industry and are committed to continually improving and expanding our services and product ranges respectively. We have been successfully completing projects not only within East and West Malaysia, but also into Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Our target vision is set to be the most preferred Machinery Engineering service provider in South East Asia.

Since our company inception, we have been providing our expert services in installing, training and maintenance/ servicing on a wide range of glass and aluminium processing machineries. Our list of credentials span from the simple cutting, polishing, and bevelling to the more advance glass tempering, and laminating machines. Be it standalone machines or a complete processing line set up, we are committed to provide our undivided, professional, and expert solutions and services to our customer.

To be able to provide better services to our customer, we get involve fully from the early stage of equipment identification, and potential vendors valuation based on critical factor in CPD (Cost, Performance, Delivery). Upon successful selection of machine, we will work with our customer in ensuring that every step forward from following up on machines fabrication status, transportation logistic, delivery of machines to customer site, set up and commissioning are properly carried out until the very first unit of production is accepted by our customer.

Our company will continue to growth by providing our customers quality and efficient services. Tobe at our customer site servicing machinery issue at the shortest possible time is our commitment. Ensuring machines running smoothly and efficiently is our responsibility!!