Double Edger Production Line

5 Axis Cutting (Bridge Type)
October 19, 2018
Glass Straight Line Bevelling Machine (NEW)
October 18, 2018

玻璃直线快速双边机生产线 KST系列
Glass Straight-line Fast Speed Double Edger Production Line KST series


KST22-4225 Glass Straight-line Double Edger Production Line contains one Automatic Detection Table, one KS2242 Straight-line Double Edger, one KS2225 Straight-line Double Edger, and one Automatic Transfer Table. The controlling system adopts PLC, which allows the machine not only to be operated alone, but also to be operated together. This production line owns stable capacity and high efficiency, and it can accomplish grinding and polishing the four straight edges and the upper and lower arris of them at one time. The production line is suitable for mass production of furniture, home appliances, construction and other industries glass and can also be together used with production lines like tempered, laminated and figured glass.

主要技术参数Main Technical Parameters

速度范围 Range of speed0.5~12m/min
加工最小玻璃尺寸Min. processing glass size300 mm×300 mm
加工最大玻璃尺寸Max. Processing glass size4200 mm×2500 mm
加工玻璃厚度Glass thickness3~25mm
最大倒角宽度Max. Arris width3 mm
移动边开合速度Mobile side speed7m/min
总功率Total power124.58Kw
压缩空气Air pressure0.8MPa/0.6M3/Min
总重Total weight约17000Kg
工作台高度Highness of working table900 ±20mm