GM-1300C, 1700C, 2000C, 2500C, 3000C

GM-500C, 800C, 1200C & 1600C
October 8, 2018
Glass Laminating Machines
October 8, 2018

GM-1300C, 1700C, 2000C, 2500C, 3000C Glass Washing Machine
*Technical Parameters

Structure Features:
  • The machine structure is aluminum alloy assembled structure,never scrap, with permanent service life, and can save 70% energy.
  • Washing section and panels contact with water are stainless steel.
  • Metal panels of other parts are painted with top-grade machine paint or powder.
  • All transmitting rubber rollers of the machine are velcanized rubber with SS304 shaft(They are forbidden to contact with acidic liquids.)
  • Washing section and drying section can be risen up 350mm as a whole, which is convenient to wash and maintain.
  • The machine has three pairs of brushes (φ160mm) with SS304 shaft.( Washing LOW-E glass function is optional: can wash LOW-E glass, ordinary coated and solar coated glass without any scratch on surface).
  • The machine has two pairs of air knife which has large wind and good drying effect. The machine has air heating system.
  • Blower has air filter in air inlet, big airflow and excellent drying effect. The whole blower is installed on the top of machine to save space and it can be risen up with washing and drying section together, and the air filter is on the side for convenient inspection and cleaning.
  • Main drive is gear drive, inverter speed control and digital display. Brush roller drive of washing section is drove by upper and lower motors with separate belts, which has smooth speed and long service life and can wash special glass which need high quality clearance.
  • The machine is control by mechanical button and with digital display, which is convenient of workers operation. It’s the best choice for saving labor if connect with other machine.
  • Water tanks of machine are movable, which is easy for cleaning, changing water, checking, etc., and make washing effect better.