GM-800C, 1200C, 1600C-3

GM-1200C, 1600C-F
October 17, 2018
GM-800C, 1200C, 1600C-2
October 17, 2018

GM-800C / 1200C / 1600C-3 Glass Washing Machine

  • Horizontal glass washing & drying machine is used for washing and drying flat glass.
  • The machine mainly consists of loading section, washing section, drying section and unloading section.
  • Main drive is chain drive and stepless speed regulation.
  • All machine covers, metal plate are stainless steel, water loader in loading section also made of stainless steel.
  • Water tanks are made of stainless steel, and with special filter net.
  • Transmitting rubber rollers of the machine are vulcanized rubber (Full cover of vulcanized rubber)
  • The machine is designed with three-step washing, and equipped with three tanks and high pressure pump.
  • The machine has six pairs of brushes and four pairs of sponge rollers, three water tanks.
  • Widened heating oven(500mm) with centrifugal blower for air.