YR-2520/4228 Automatic Glass Cutting Machine

YR-AD4228 CNC Full Automatic High Speed Glass Cutting Machine
October 8, 2018
YR-4228 Double Arms Double Positions Loading Machine
October 8, 2018

YR-2520/4228 AUTOMATIC GLASS CUTTING MACHINE (China & Italy joint venture)

1. Equipment standard:

  • The cutting glass maximum size: 2500*2000mm/4200*2800mm
  • The height of the machine: 900±30mm.
  • The cutting thickness: 3~19mm

2. Cutting parameters:

  • Straight line depth of parallelism: ≤±3mm/m
  • Diagonal accuracy: ≤±35mm/m
  • Cutting bridge speed: 0~165m/min (adjustable)
  • Cutting bridge acceleration: 3.0m/s²
  • Tool bit shelf speed: 160m/min
  • Tool bit shelf acceleration: 6.0m/s²
  • Belt transport speed: 40m/min
  • Cutting head location accuracy error: ≤±2 mm

3. Power source /power:

  • Install power source: V/  HZ
  • Equipment actual power: 12KW
  • Compress air:0.6PA

4. Equipment performance:

  • Equipment frame: guarantee accuracy and no deformation
  • Equipment tool apron: tool bit can spin 360 degree.
  • Machine surface: use import waterproof board.
  • Felt: import industrial felt (fibre & wool component)
  • Oil supply mode: automatic pneumatic supply, synchronism with tool bit.
  • Transport mode: automatic belt transportation

5. Machine part:

  • Table board: import waterproof and fireproof board
  • Rack: Japan KHK
  • Transport belt/belt wheel: Italy Bredbury
  • Cutting wheel: German Bohle

6. Electric appliance:

  • Use industrial personal computer to control, Microsoft windows interface
  • Voltage: V/  HZ , have voltage stabilizer 
  • Motor: Japan YASKAWA Sever motor
  • Approach switch: SONON
  • Main electric appliance original: Japan IZUMI & SCHNEIDER
  • Pneumatic proportional valve: Japan SMC

7. Software:

  • Italy import cutting software & optimization software (Italy OPTIMA)
  • Optimization software & produce management software can be used together
  • Have plunge cut limit protect function
  • Count production amount function
  • Have 2000 kinds of figure storage (convenient for drawing and controlling)
  • AUTO-CAD paint software can be compatible use
  • Optimization software can be used directly with cutting software
  • Have automatic correction function, guarantee cutting accuracy
  • Cutting path choose function, guarantee reach the fastest cutting speed

  • Heteromorphism cutting, automatic inflating, can guarantee cutting result quickly and effectively.
    • Origin addition and correction function, can set origin twice
    • Control input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese & English interface
  • Have heteromorphism cutting knife pressure automatic mediate function, guarantee cutting best result
  • Heteromorphism template scanning: scan different kinds of figure include heteromorphism point by point, and transform them to CAM figure
  • Optimization software: can combine and arrange any kinds of cutting size,output best cutting program, increase cutting rate, and also have manual software amend after optimization, increase cutting use ratio effectively
  • Optimize pressure and cutting speed: according to figure, straight line, arc, incurve, excurvature origin & finish, acceleration part, deceleration part and so forth , optimize, mediate and out most suitable pressure and speed.
  • Heteromorphism storage: more than 300 kinds of heteromorphism storage, this one can fulfill all the possible demand
  • Heteromorphism optimization: heteromorphism in the storage can be changed the size,spined freely, moved any direction, combined freely according order
  • Drill location function: in heteromorphism storage supply drill pre-install function.
  • Tool bit protect function: mechanical protection function, avoid any crash possibility.
  • Heteromorphism cutting: equipment can cutting any straight line, oblique line or heteromorphism
  • Belt transport: motor drive the belt directly, transport the cut glass to the glass breaking machine.
  • Route protection: the maximum route of the equipment have double protection of machine and electric
  • Cutting pressure mediate function: all pressure can be mediate by keyboard