Car Rearview Mirror Production Line

Glass Straight Line Multi-Edge Machine
October 8, 2018
GM-500C, 800C, 1200C & 1600C
October 8, 2018
Car Rearview Mirror Production Line

Rearview Mirror Production Line


Rearview Mirror Production Line contains a DB11 PLC Straight-line Beveler,one PG10 Straight-line beveling polishing machine as well as a DWL300 mirco-Vertical Washing&Drying Machine.DB11 PLC Straight-line Beveler and a PG10 glass polishing machine adopts chainless ball bearing construction, for insure smooth transmission, high-precision movement. The controlling system adopts PLC control which can be changed between automaticlly and manually.The human-machine interface can show various parameters clearly,such as the glass thickness, bevel width, angle, remaining thickness and processing speed. The transmission speed adopts frequency control,and main driving motor adopt frequency conversion motor.The machine can grind and clean the rear transmitting plate by itself. DWL300 Vertical Washing&Drying can be completed directly online washing, time-saving and high efficient.

DB11磨轮分布图 wheels location

PG10磨轮分布图 wheels location

主要技术参数 Main Technical Parameters

速度范围Range of speed0.4~4m/min
最小加工面积Min. processing glass size300×125mm
加工最大斜边宽度Max. width of bevel80mm
加工玻璃厚度Glass thickness3~19mm
加工斜边角度Bevel degree30~200
总功率Total power50.19Kw
总重量Total weight13000Kg
外箱尺寸Overall dimension16000×1600×2200 mm